Steps to post production

Post production houses in Dubai have complied some steps which are needed to be taken for the better editing and producing good results for a movie. It may keep varying on production houses in Dubai on which steps they prefer to follow and which they want to skip, but this list refers to general ones which can enhance the whole screenplay.

Produce Music

A lot of production companies choose to buy rights to old songs, if you are about to do that then make sure all the rights are purchased carefully or else they can copyright your whole media which can either result in taking down the media from the public or paying a hefty sum of money for this crime. You can simply hire a good music company or production house and produce your own music which has never before been heard and you not only get points for originality but also it automatically improves your media.

The mix

You must follow all the steps of ADR, sound effects, sound foley, music, songs and then come up with 50 something tracks which needs to be assembled together and put on top of each other artificially to give the natural kind of sound effects. This all is called the Mix.

Music and Effects

In the near future when your film gets demanded by other countries, they will need a version which does not have any dialogues so that they can dub in their own language, thus, only music and effects are needed. Make sure that you prepare your films in advance so that you don’t have to rush for different kinds of material.


You can not skip this step as it is most important if you plan on taking your film to cinema. Digital cinema package includes a hard drive which contains the complete final picture to be played on cinema screens.

Dialogue Script

In order to dub your film in several different languages a script will be needed which contains all the precise dialogues and their timing so dubbing artists know where to dub and when to start from.

Preps for Campaign

It is extremely important step to get your film recognized by all the audience as the trailer plays on different mediums and the posters get printed.