Readymade vs custom cakes

If the birthday of your friend or family member is around the corner and you are planning to send him a delicious cake, then the first thing that you will have to decide is that whether you want to send a readymade cake to him or going to order a custom cake instead. However, there is no black and white rule for this and there are a number of things that you will have to consider before deciding on this matter. Let’s take a look into a few important things that you should consider when choosing between readymade and custom cake in Dubai:


1- How much time do you have?


When choosing between a readymade and custom cake for the birthday of your friends or family members, the first thing that you should consider is the days that are left in the birthday. If you have enough time in hand that you could get a custom made cake to surprise your loved one then, you should surely order a custom cake that could bring smile at the face of your loved one. If there is no enough time left in the birthday, then you should consider ordering a readymade cake instead.


2- Keep receiver’s likings and taste in mind


Another important thing that you should keep in your mind when choosing between a readymade or custom cake is the likings and taste of the receiver. Doing so will help you a great deal in making the best decision in this regard. For instance, if your loved one likes chocolate cake in Dubai, then you will be easily able to find a number of amazing readymade chocolate cakes at your local bakery and on your favorite online cake shop. But, if he has a unique taste and loves creative ideas, then you should consider opting for a custom cake.


3- Consider your budget


If you are looking for a budget option in cakes, then it is highly recommended for you to opt for a readymade cake as you will be able to find a variety of good readymade cakes within your budget. One the other hand, if you have no budgetary restrictions, then it is highly recommended for you to go for a custom cake for the birthday of your loved one so that you could send him a sweet surprise on his birthday.