Lighten up your birthdays

Birthdays are a special event for any child turning 5 to all the way to 25 until they realize that they are way too old for a basketball themed party. But until then, you can give your child the birthday of their dreams and surprise them with these fun little kids birthday party in Dubai ideas.

Balloon Pool in the room

This is a fun little way to surprise your little darlings by filling the entire room with balloons of all sorts – which kid doesn’t like balloons? Get helium balloons, happy birthday balloons, rainbow balloon arches, cartoon balloons, in short every balloon that you can find in a crafts store. Decorate the room when your kid is away or asleep and surprise them.

Countdown Calendar

What is better than a calendar which produces birthday treats? Counting down to your child’s birthday date as they receive a small toy or a chocolate or treat everyday leading up to the big birthday surprise gift.

Scavenger Hunt

This idea may sound similar to the countdown calendar but it is very different as this includes preparing the whole hunt. You can leave clues all around the house which leads up to the big surprise which you have hidden in the backyard or basement or even attic – just get creative.

 Bake a cake

Have a small fun baking session with your kids where they get to beat and mix the cake batter. Splash some on them and bake the rest. Don’t worry if your cake does not turn out to be as desired, you can still order a small birthday meal and munch on it after a long tedious day.

Castle making

We all know how much kids love to role play the royal life. Give that to them. You can either rent a jumping castle in the backyard or make one out of the pillows. Treat your prince and princesses like one and make their day special with these fun little creative royal servant look.

Let them choose

It is very important to make your child understand that now they are grown up and have some responsibility to fulfill, but take baby steps. Start by letting them choose the way they want to spend their birthdays or let them choose the dinner menu.

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