Finding the desert safari trip provider in Dubai

With so many things discussed about safari, it should be apparent that this is a trip you will not want to miss. Even if you had to travel to Dubai several times a year you would do it just to have the evening desert safari as you love it. The very thought of having desert safari in the evening can bring out a lot of excitement in you as being in the desert at the dusk can be quite mesmerizing to say the least. The scene of watching the sun going down behind the infinite sand dunes is something to think about. You will have a hard time thinking of anything else at that time and the excitement will keep oozing. With such an environment, you would love to take a ride on the back of the camel or head on feet in the sand of the desert. A lot will be going on in your mind and rightly so as you never thought that evenings in the desert can be so calming, peaceful and beautiful. The blazing hot sand is not turning cooler as the time goes by with the sun out of the scene. The lights are now on, and you see the sand ocean everywhere around you. The wind is there, so the dunes are there, which is the perfect time to take a quad bike ride at bang the dunes with it. All of that and more to follow will only happen when you find the suitable trip provider. It is high time to start looking for one so that no more time goes wasted:




The first thing to find the trip provider is not to see which is the best around, rather to compare them with one another. This will help you decide which package works better for you. The prices, the timings and accommodations, all count.


If you are one of those who think safari will cost you a lot of money, you are wrong. Less than 150AED is all you will be spending on the safari and with this money, you will get the best ride, and trip of your life. Are you not intrigued yet? If not, you should as the desert safari is calling you.

Check out the post right here to learn more about desert safari and know what it takes to reach the best safari trip provider and what perks will you be getting in return. Be forthcoming to such exciting and entertaining events in life as you will keep cherishing having them for a long time to come.

Things you should know about the beaches of Dubai

Believe it or not, but there are a lot of similarities between the beaches of Dubai and those found in European countries like Italy, Spain and France. On the whole, the beaches in this city are such that they guarantee utmost relaxation and make it possible for visitors to enjoy their holidays as best as possible.

The best part about most beaches in Dubai is that these typically feature a separate area that is dedicated to families and children. There are other areas specifically meant for youngsters, which makes it possible for everyone to have fun during their vacations. Most importantly, visitors are given the ability to indulge in many different forms of entertainment, so while visiting a beach in Dubai, you can have fun with a number of water sports, including motorsports, water surfing, motorboats and water skiing etc. Here’s a look into some of the most famous beaches in Dubai:

The Dubai Marine Beach

One of the most spectacular beaches in Dubai is that of the Dubai Marine Beach. The best part about this particular beach is that it has dedicated swimming sections particularly for children. What this means is that it is now possible for children to have a good time in the water in a highly protected environment. If you wish to visit a luxurious beach during your trip to Dubai, then make sure that you visit this beach. Superb views of the sea and an outstanding swimming experience is guaranteed here.

The Cove Beach

This is considered amongst some of the most amazing beaches in Dubai. It is usually flocked by tourists and had specifically been created to serve the tourists visiting Jumeirah. With its crystal clear waters put together with the warm sun, this beach happens to be one of the best places to go swimming in the city. It is also frequented by couples interested in watching the sunset over the sea. There are a number of restaurants and café along the beach as well for you to enjoy various dishes from different parts of the world.

Club Mina Beach

If you wish to visit a beach that offers many different kinds of entertainment, facilities and services, then make sure that you head out to the Club Mina Beach right away. This beach is the perfect pick for families who are interested in spending a bit of quality time together in a serene environment.