Details about the different kinds of accounting firms

Establishing a business is extremely exciting. There’s so much involved in it, like picking out a logo, determining the color combinations for branding and sorting out the different marketing material that will be used. However, the entire process isn’t all that fun at all times. One of the most important aspects in this regard is getting someone who you can trust with your money. If truth be told, this job is best handed over to some of the best accounting firms around Dubai. With accounts out of the way, you can easily focus on other important aspects of your business so it can grow and expand.


With that, given below is a bit of information about the different types of accounting firms found these days:


Public Accounting

These accounting and audit firms in Dubai airport free zone are known to hire Certified Public Accountants of CPAs focused on audit, tax and management consultation. If you are the owner of a private company, hiring a public accounting firm is highly recommended for you so that they can handle all your accounting and audit related concerns.


Forensic Accounting


A forensic accounting firm basically makes use of legal policies and accounting skills to uncover cases of fraudulent and illegal activities within an organization. They actually investigate the financial records of the private and public companies that hire them. Their employees are known to work in sync with local and federal law enforcement. In case legal action has to be taken against an employee of the firm, these professionals are called in as witnesses. The sorts of cases that they deal with are inclusive of stock price manipulation, identity theft, embezzlement and money laundering.


Tax accounting


Tax accounting firms can be hired by companies of all sizes. Their main focus is on the preparation and planning of tax. If anything, these are even hired by individuals for tax preparation purposes. These companies typically take on the services of CPAs. For them to be able to perform well on their job, it is necessary for these CPAs to stay up to date about the current tax laws as established by the concerned authorities. Considering the importance of staying up to date, a number of accounting firms tend to offer continuing education courses to their employees. These courses are typically focused on planning strategies, software programs and changing tax laws. You could check here to acquire further details about the services offered by tax accounting firms.