Mistakes to avoid before hiring interior design companies

It is one of those things that you will learn once you get hands on experience with it. The interior design is something that has the potential to make or break the deal. Whether you are looking to have a new interior design for your home or business, or are looking to give your restaurant a complete haul, the interior design will remain important. It will remain so for several reasons each of which deserves attention so make sure to be attentive. Think about the restaurant – what will you do to make it look unique and attractive to customers? Well, it is going to be one of the two things.  In case you ended up finding one of the top interior design companies in Dubai, it will work well for your premises, and in the longer run, for you too. Same will be the case for your restaurant or business. A well designed business place is almost certainly going to become crowd puller. So many businesses around the world end up attracting crowd only because the place is well designed and deserves a visit. So far so good, but what if you ended up committing some mistake on your way to finding designers? Well, face it as it is a possibility and happens to many customers each year. You don’t want to lose the opportunity to some mishap or unfortunate incident which is why it is crucial to know the possible mistakes people often commit:

Hiring one randomly

One of the most common mistakes that occur to so many people who keep complaining later. Why would you hire a company that you have little to no information about? After all, Dubai has so many reputable interior design companies which is why you shouldn’t make this mistake in the first place. The remedy to this mistake is rather simple – you should say no to the current company and start your search all over again. This will surely help you look for those that carry a great reputation and have credentials to prove their worth.

Not considering the budget

Another problem that pops out often from nowhere and when you least expected it. The budget should be checked so that you don’t end up regretting not doing it earlier. Will you be checking it after hiring the company and feeling embarrassed? Doing so will leave you with a bad reputation in the industry which is something you should avoid at all costs. Find out here more about avoiding mistakes before hiring the interior design company.

Reasons to hire an interior designer for your restaurant

Running a restaurant is not an easy job at all. This is because it requires you to pay attention to a number of elements to ensure that your customers receive the best dining experience possible. To deliver this experience, you need to make sure that the food being served at your restaurant is out of this world. However, the one thing that you need to know is that even if you deliver the best food, but the environment and ambiance of your restaurant is not up to the mark, then the quality of the food will not be able to help you at all.


Yes, if you wish to deliver the best services to your customers, then it is extremely important for you to pay attention to the interiors of your restaurant. Considering the fact that you are not a professional interior designer, it is highly recommended for you to take on the services of a professional for your restaurant fit out in Dubai. There are a number of benefits that you will gain by taking on the services of a professional interior designer for this very purpose. Here is a look into the different advantages that you can gain by hiring a professional interior design consultant in Dubai to work on the interior designs of your restaurant.


They will make the best use of the space available

The number one benefit that you can gain by hiring a professional interior designer for your restaurant is that they will consider the entire space available in your premises and make the best use of it. This is required to make sure that the space available in your restaurant is used in the best manner. They will dedicate space to every important aspects of your restaurant, including the dining area, kitchen and waiting room along with so much more.


They are experts

The one thing for sure is that you must never take the services of a Restaurant interior designer for granted. This is because they have the expertise required to work not just on setting things up around your restaurant, but on its atmosphere and appeal too. The fact of the matter is that customers wish to enjoy their meals in a certain ambiance and this is something that only a professional interior designer can create.


They will help you choose the right design aspects

There are many design aspects that work together to create the right ambiance. The services of an interior designer will help you out with all of them.

Information about the reclaimed wood look

Before anything else, here is a bit of a warning – achieving the reclaimed wood look isn’t a walk in the park. If this is something that you are going to try out for the very first time, then we highly recommend you to think again. However, here’s a look into how you need to go about it, wherein we will take a table for example:


  1. Begin with sanding
    Before anything else, you need to grab your hands on a table and sand every single bit of the original finish off. What you basically need to do is make use of a palm sander and a belt sander. However, you may even make use of a chemical stripper.
  2. Distress it
    Moving on, you need to distress it. There are countless elements that you can use in this regard but the best is a BBQ brush as per the best interior design companies in Dubai.
  3. Create dents

The best means of creating dents in furniture is by whipping it using a chain. Seriously, it works wonders. The best part is that its nuts and bolts are going to make sure that you do not formulate uniform dents. Do this all over the table or whatever bit of furniture you are using. To keep it natural, make sure that you don’t opt for uniform results.

  1. Make divets, chisel and create wormholes
    In order to create divets, you basically need to make use of a hammer. Once done, chisel out all of the divets and cracks that you have created. To signify aging, use the chisel a bit over the feet as well. Moving on, get a board and hammer a few nails through it. These nails can now be used so as to hit the table and re-create wormholes.
  2. Stain it
    Use a dark staining lotion and brush it over the furniture. Let it sit for a while, and once dry, sand it again. Apply the staining lotion once again and let it sit. In case the stain doesn’t sink in deep enough, paint it a dark colour. However, use a light hand to make sure that the wood grain shows through.
  3. Gloss it up
    Now, grab a bit of rub-on poly and apply a few (around three) layers of it. Make sure that it is one that has a satin finish. However, do not make things too glossy or it would lose out on the rustic-looking finish that is necessary for the reclaimed wood look. If need be, hire a fit out company in Dubai to come up with ideas in this regard.